Saturday, August 12, 2017

New Classmates

*The  bell is ringing"

Lintang     : "Hi! good morning!"
Yustin       : "Hello good morning"
Lintang     : "What's is your name?"
Yustin       : "My name Yustin and you?"
Lintang     : "I'm Lintang. I'm 14th years old. How old are you?"
Yustin       : "I'm 15th years. Where are you come from?"
Linang      : "I'm from 50 Junior High school."
Yustin       : "Where is that?"
Lintang     : "50 Junior High School is in Ujungberung"
Yustin       : "owh..."
Lintang     : "And where are you came from?"
Yustin       : "I'm from Assyifa boarding school in Subang."
Lintang     : "Owhhh nice to meet you!"
Yustin       : "Nice to meet you too!"

*Break Time*

Lintang     : "Yustin!"
Yustin       : "What's wrong?"
Lintang     : "This is break time, Do you want to go to the Canteen?"
Yustin       : "Ya!"
Lintang     : "Do you want to go to the canteen with me?"
Yustin       : "Sure ,Let's go !"

*In The Canteen*

Yustin       : "What do you want to order?"
Lintang     : "I think French fries and Ice tea"
Yustin       : "Ok ,wait a minute ,I tell you order."
Lintang     : "Ok ,what is your order?"
Yustin       : " I order Batagor and mango jus."
Lintang     : "Here! waiting for an order while sitting here!"
Yustin       : "Ok."
Lintang     : "Bye the way what is your hobby?"
Yustin       : "My hobby? All the activies i do in my opinion are my hobbies."
Lintang     : "Woww nice."
Yustin       : " What is your hobby Lintang?"
Lintang     : "My hobbies are many. I like to listen a music,singing,eating,playing,sleeping and I like                       Taekwondo."
Yustin       : "umm...After this can you take me to library?"
Lintang     : "Sure."
Yustin       : "Let's take the order."
Lintang     : "Ok."

*A few minutes later"

Yustin       : "Let's go to the library"
Lintang     : "Let's go"

*The bell is ringing*

Yustin       : "The bell rang! I'll go to the library later ,Let's go to the class!"
Lintang     : "Ok"

Sunday, August 6, 2017

about my self

Hello Guys,

Hi! My name is Lintang Maharani.This is my new blog. So i will to introduce my self. You can call me Lintang. I am from Bandung.I was born in Bandung, 19th October 2002. I am 14th years old. I have one brother. I live in Komp.Villa Pasirwangi Blok I No.9-11, Kec.Ujungberung, Kota Bandung. I'm studying in Senior High school 3 Bandung, My class is X MIPA 8.

My hobby is singing but i have ugly voice, I don't know why and I love taekwondo. I joined Taekwondo since 2012. Intially, I just saw My brother practice taekwondo, so i interested to joined taekwondo. I often attend the champioship and get a medal.

8 years ago I live in Ciganitri, Kec.Bojongsoang, Kab.Bandung. When I go up to grade 3 I moved school from SDN Ciganitri to SDN Ujungberung because I moved house. Before I'm studying in Senior High School 3 bandung, I'm Studying in Junior High School 50 Bandung. Oh my god I really miss my schoolmate in JHS 50 because hard to find friends like them in SHS 3. I miss them laugh ,smile and all memories we do together.

umm... I think enough for this introduction. Don't forget to like and comment! if you corious with me you can follow my instagram @alinelintaang hehe

See you in the next blog guys!