Saturday, January 20, 2018


   Hallo! now I will describe the maleo birds to all of you. Why birds maleo? because the maleo birds are almost extinct. So we can preserve the maleo bird.
   This bird has black fur, yellow eyes around the eyes, brownish brown eyes, gray legs, orange beak and down whitish feather flakes whitish. Above his head was a black horn or crest of black. Males and females are similar. Usually females are smaller and darker than the male birds. Maleo Senkawor is a monogamous species.This bird feed consists of various grains, fruits, ants, beetles and various types of small animals.

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Kingdom: Animalia
Filum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Ordo: Galliformes
Famili: Megapoiidae
Genus: Macrocephalon
Spesies: M. maleo

  Maleo senkawor (Macrocephalon maleo) is an endemic bird of Sulawesi. By the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Maleo is categorized as endangered.Formerly, maleo can be found almost in the entire island of Sulawesi. However, currently maleo can only be found in some areas only.One area that can still be found maleo egg laying is in the nesting ground (place laying) Libuun, Village Taima, District Bualemo, Banggai, Central Sulawesi.
   Maleo birds have large bulge overhead. And because the bulge was Maleo can detect the geothermal heat to hatch the egg. By the way Birds Maleo eggs, said after this bird lay eggs, he immediately fainted. Why is that? Because it turns out the Maleo Bird has a large egg, approximately 5 times larger than the chicken eggs. Can you imagine, how big is this bird's egg?

   The number of Birds Maleo today is estimated at less than 10 thousand head. And finally these animals are declared as protected animals because wild hunters often take the eggs Maleo casually.

Since 1990 based on SK. No. Kep. 188.44 / 1067 / RO / BKLH dated 24 February 1990 "Maleo" was designated as "Satwa Mascot" of Central Sulawesi region. This is a pride for the people of Central Sulawesi and Indonesia in general.
   Maleo birds have a very unique life story. Adult maleo birds are in pairs and live mainly in the native forest of Sulawesi. However, when the female is ready to spawn, the maleo couple walks miles to the communal spawn, which is usually located on the coast, or near the hot springs in the forest.

   There, the maleo couple dug a large hole in the sand or dirt for hours. Inside the hole, the male female bird spawns an enormous egg. Only one! a maleo bird body the size of a chicken, while the maleo egg is six times as large as a chicken egg.
If you've laid eggs in the hole, the maleo couple sank the egg with sand with a depth of one meter.Then, they go back to the forest, while the eggs are left for 60-80 days
After resting for a few minutes, the maleo boy immediately flies toward the forest to live independently without the help of his mother.


Sunday, January 14, 2018

My Last Holiday

  Hallo everyone! Do not feel holiday just two weeks now have gone to school. How about your holiday? Is it exciting? If my holiday is not too exciting.
   I feel my holiday is only one week. Because in the first week I off my school to school a few times. When my first day to school to collect sports journal with my friends I was told to go back home I feel annoyed, the next day I was told to school again and me and my friends were told to copy back the sports journal that there are many pages. Finished from there suddenly there is a teacher who came up to me and told me and friends to attend school children friendly event as a school representative arrived there we are not found the place sit and consume premises we were forced to stand until the event is over.

   The next day I spent the holidays at home. At that time my parents went out of town so I can watch korea drama unlimited haha.An then I also played with old school friends had long time I did not met.

   My cousin's brother called me every day he told me and my family to go to pemalang. Pamalang there is my mother's hometown. Finally when my parents have come home I prepare goods to the pemalang and the next day we leave. We leave from home at 10 am. I went there using his car journey spent 7 hours less. After that there I was greeted by my family there including sister my cousin, seems to have been waiting a long time. I was there tonight and my auntie was ready to prepare the night for us, when we get there we straighten out clothes go to dinner and we chatted and laughed together and then we sleep.

  The next morning I went to the beach widuri ade my cousin to play sand and I was told my aunt to keep him. Then there eating culinary there delicious food delicious. I meghabiskan time there for five hari.kemudian I come home when new year. I got home right on during the new year at 12 pm.

Saturday, December 9, 2017


Hallo everyody well come back to my blog !
We can see from the title, i will tell you about Gathapraya, if you don't know what is Gathapraya, Gathapraya is a festival of art, literature, and cultre held by SMAN 3 Bandung.The event is about indonesia culture.

Gathapraya was held on 30th September 2017. The event started at 12.00 pm and finished at 10.00 am.But before the event start the tenth grade of tree residents must folow the parade and wear kebaya clothes. We must come at 08.00 pm in Saparua. In Saparua there is the appearance of elementary school children there are dancing and sing regional songs. Each class was ordered to present two female and male representatives for the fashion show. During the fashion show couple's parade must wear custom clothing along the road from saparua to the bali field, for couples fashion show there is walking and some are riding a horse.

At that time the representative of my class women's fashion show was unable to come and the other chose me as his successor, but I don't wear custom clothes.I finally replaced her. Incidentally my class gets to ride the horse. Honestly I was afraid to ride a horse. At the time the horse's rafter kept dancing and made me scared. I get the most active horse and this horse is walking off the track and made me even more afraid. My teachers and friends laughed at me and it embarrassed me. His horse has no place for the leg it makes me stiff.
finally reached the bali field, when I came down my legs so weak and also I was very embarrassed because by the time I got off they laughed at me.

After reaching the field of bali I went to my friend's house to change clothes and went directly to the movies. The event started at 12.00 pm and the gate closed at 04.00 pm. Me and my friends arrived at 03.00 pm. At the gate of gathapraya that located in Bali field, I was showing my e-ticket. E-ticket is a electronic ticket, so you don't need to bring a physicial ticket, you just bring your phone and open the e-ticket in you email.Before Gathapraya held the team will sent you e-ticket to your e-mail that you had sent it to them. 

At the time I just came I saw MK3 was performing.Mk3 colaburatin with KPA 3. After that came the governor of west java gave little motivation . and the most I wait for is the appearance of T'ST .T'ST is an estraculicular cabaret that is in Sman 3 bandung. At night there is the appearance of elepant kind, hivi, vina panduwinata, didi nini towok and nidji.I was very happy and very amuse.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Planning for next holiday

Lintang   : "Hallo Annisa! Holiday is coming,how about your feel?"
Annisa    : "I feel very happy."
Lintang   : "Yes I can see the through your face,why you feel very happy?"
Annisa    : "Because there will be no homework for two weeks."
Lintang   : "I agree with you Haha ,What's your plan for holiday?
Annisa    : "Umm..I think I want to sleep,watching tv,play with my young sisters and i can go                  to place that want to go."
Lintang   : "That's sound good.will you go some where?"
Annisa    : "Ummmmmmm" (was thinking)
Lintang   : "What place you want to visit?"
Annisa    : "I think I will to go to Rinjani Mountain."
Lintang   : "What are you doing in Rinjani Mountain?"
Annisa    : "I want to climb that mountain.I love the view from the top."
Lintang   : " Woww good plan annisa! with whom do you want to go?"
Annisa    : "Of course..with My family."
Lintang   : "Approximately how long have you been in Rijani Mountain."
Annisa : "Maybe...for three days."
Lintang : "But climbing a mountain is dangerous.are you dare?."
Annisa : "Actually a little scared but the family is already often climbing the mountain together
Lintang : "When are you leaveing?"
Annisa : "I'm not sure. I will propably leave around the end of December."
Lintang : "Is there any one selling souvenirs?"
Annisa : "Looks like I'm not so sure before I've never been there. Do you want me to buy souvenirs?"
Lintang : "Hahaha,are you bothering?."
Annisa : "No,just relax."
Lintang : "If there's still the rest of the holiday and you've gone home on vacation, will you go with me?
Annisa : "Go where?"
Lintang : "Go to shoping,watching movies and hangout and much more."
Annisa : "Ok ,hopefull.
Lintang : " Have a nice holiday,see you later!
Annisa : " Ok.See you,bye!
Lintang : " Bye"

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Hero in My life

Hei guys!

Welcome back to my blog ! okay guys know i will to tell you about hero.Do you know hero?ya! you certain know super hero in cartoon but for me hero is someone who is always there for me ,can help me under any circumestances ,alwasy support me, you know who? yaa! the person is My mother ,Why? because she is very important people in my life because without her i cannot live in the world.

My Mother is the on who inspire me .I don't know why ,Why my mother can be so strong with all the problems she has? She is very rare to ask for help to others and she never complains .She said "Allah test our faith by giving the trials and obstacles in the world, because god is our dear. Because in every problem there must be lessons that we can take that can make us more mature and better".Oh my god..I really salute with my mother.

My Mother laboriously gave birth to me,breastfeeding me as a baby, teaching me who was only able to cry until finally i could walk, When I fell she always helped me and never gave up to continue to educate me.But when she advised me I was angry with him, I'm so sorry mom I never thought of your struggle for me.I know My mother angry to me because she loves me and she want me to be the best.She always motivates me so I will not give up and I always remember his motto "struggle and prayer".We must be patient with all life's obstacles and we must continue to try and try, never surrender and always have to believe that we can.It was my mother's words she often uttered.My mother is the most beautiful gift I ever had,Thanks god for giving me a spesialcial mother

Thank Mom


Saturday, August 12, 2017

New Classmates

*The  bell is ringing"

Lintang     : "Hi! good morning!"
Yustin       : "Hello good morning"
Lintang     : "What's is your name?"
Yustin       : "My name Yustin and you?"
Lintang     : "I'm Lintang. I'm 14th years old. How old are you?"
Yustin       : "I'm 15th years. Where are you come from?"
Linang      : "I'm from 50 Junior High school."
Yustin       : "Where is that?"
Lintang     : "50 Junior High School is in Ujungberung"
Yustin       : "owh..."
Lintang     : "And where are you came from?"
Yustin       : "I'm from Assyifa boarding school in Subang."
Lintang     : "Owhhh nice to meet you!"
Yustin       : "Nice to meet you too!"

*Break Time*

Lintang     : "Yustin!"
Yustin       : "What's wrong?"
Lintang     : "This is break time, Do you want to go to the Canteen?"
Yustin       : "Ya!"
Lintang     : "Do you want to go to the canteen with me?"
Yustin       : "Sure ,Let's go !"

*In The Canteen*

Yustin       : "What do you want to order?"
Lintang     : "I think French fries and Ice tea"
Yustin       : "Ok ,wait a minute ,I tell you order."
Lintang     : "Ok ,what is your order?"
Yustin       : " I order Batagor and mango jus."
Lintang     : "Here! waiting for an order while sitting here!"
Yustin       : "Ok."
Lintang     : "Bye the way what is your hobby?"
Yustin       : "My hobby? All the activies i do in my opinion are my hobbies."
Lintang     : "Woww nice."
Yustin       : " What is your hobby Lintang?"
Lintang     : "My hobbies are many. I like to listen a music,singing,eating,playing,sleeping and I like                       Taekwondo."
Yustin       : "umm...After this can you take me to library?"
Lintang     : "Sure."
Yustin       : "Let's take the order."
Lintang     : "Ok."

*A few minutes later"

Yustin       : "Let's go to the library"
Lintang     : "Let's go"

*The bell is ringing*

Yustin       : "The bell rang! I'll go to the library later ,Let's go to the class!"
Lintang     : "Ok"

Sunday, August 6, 2017

about my self

Hello Guys,

Hi! My name is Lintang Maharani.This is my new blog. So i will to introduce my self. You can call me Lintang. I am from Bandung.I was born in Bandung, 19th October 2002. I am 14th years old. I have one brother. I live in Komp.Villa Pasirwangi Blok I No.9-11, Kec.Ujungberung, Kota Bandung. I'm studying in Senior High school 3 Bandung, My class is X MIPA 8.

My hobby is singing but i have ugly voice, I don't know why and I love taekwondo. I joined Taekwondo since 2012. Intially, I just saw My brother practice taekwondo, so i interested to joined taekwondo. I often attend the champioship and get a medal.

8 years ago I live in Ciganitri, Kec.Bojongsoang, Kab.Bandung. When I go up to grade 3 I moved school from SDN Ciganitri to SDN Ujungberung because I moved house. Before I'm studying in Senior High School 3 bandung, I'm Studying in Junior High School 50 Bandung. Oh my god I really miss my schoolmate in JHS 50 because hard to find friends like them in SHS 3. I miss them laugh ,smile and all memories we do together.

umm... I think enough for this introduction. Don't forget to like and comment! if you corious with me you can follow my instagram @alinelintaang hehe

See you in the next blog guys!